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Inflatable Pool safety concern


The inflatable pools can easily be set up in your backyard. They are just as fun as permanent pools. There are safety concerns that need to be understood before you can properly enjoy the cooling relief of these pools. The major key to safety with inflatable portable pools is supervision by adults.

Here are a few more safety tips about inflatable pools:

1. Drain the pool completely when not in use and turn over to make sure no water remains inside.

2. Consider installing a pool alarm on gates surrounding the pool so you¡¯ll be alerted if someone is trying to get into the area.

3. Fence in the area around your pool so that it¡¯s not too easy to access the area. You don¡¯t want young children falling in accidentally.

4. Make sure any ladders leading into the pool are removable and can be stored in a safe, secure area.